Custom Tool Testimonials


I just wanted to drop you a line regarding the quality service you have provided to us over the past 10+ years. The quality of the finished product in your cutters is unequaled to any of our past suppliers. I wish to thank you especially for specialty cutters and the large diameter cutters (16” -30”) that we have had such good success with. Design, engineering, and materials are above and beyond any other manufacturer.

Again, we appreciate you continued quality work and will refer any customer to you in need of specialty machining or cutters in the future.

Ron Weston, Project Manager
Culy Contracting

Precision Grinding does an excellent job both on quality and service.  Jim will custom make tooling for us and sharpen tooling on an emergency basis pretty much while we wait as well as taking care of our day to day sharpening needs.  We at MSI would continue to do business with Jim at Precision Grinding for the excellent service that he provides, but his pricing remains very competitive even when the service goes well beyond what is expected.    

Bill Renier, Shop Manager
Machine Service Inc

Precision Grinding has been taking care of all of my cutter need for almost 4 years. I sent Jim my first order almost 4 years ago “just to try him out.” Since that time I have recommended them to many people and consider Precision my primary source for all my cutting needs and Jim my “go to guy” for any issue that comes up. From sharpening a ¾” drill tap – which cuts better and lasts longer than new – to my largest cutters, it’s Precision Grinding. Jim and his crew have also on numerous occasions straighten out problems & issues with my existing cutters which were from various manufacturers.

Precision Grinding – #1 in my book for a reason and should be in yours!

Robert E. Farrelly, Vice President/Services
The Jack Farrelly Company